What Students Say About Us

Yreka High School, September 2016

When asked “What did you learn about yourself?” and “What did you take away from the Edge experience?”, Yreka High School freshmen at our Sept., 2016, event responded:

I learned that I am not alone and not to judge others.

I need to be more thoughtful.

I need to be more truthful.

I need to make a positive change in my life by not keeping my feelings to myself and finding someone to talk to.

There are a lot of people like me.

Be more respectful.

Help my enemies.

I am now more empathetic.

Other Student Endorsements

Grant's preface: I want to include a letter from a former Phoenix High School student I ran into at Target when I was shopping with my family recently. She approached me and asked if I was the facilitator at an Edge event when we were there for many years. I replied “yes”, and listened to her gratitude for five straight minutes. Needless to say, I was rocked and felt so grateful for her taking the time to thank me. There have been dozens of kids just like Alex who have moved on and succeeded in life, remembering that day when they began to “wake up”. Obviously, I asked her to remember her words and send me an email, which she later did:

When I was a student at Phoenix High School, my principal and vice principal brought you guys in to help our students become aware of the impact that they have on others. I attended the event in the spring of my sophomore year, which was a particularly hard year for me in my high school days, and it changed my year. It changed my life. For the very first time I was able to witness students interacting with each other in a humble and understanding way. There was no judgments or fears. We were all completely and honestly ourselves without fear of what others may say. We were all struggling with something. It was truly enlightening. My school held this event for the next three years, twice a year. I went every time. This program changed who I was and how I treated others. I learned things about myself that I carry forward with me throughout college and in my work place. It taught me that how I interact with the world truly does make a difference. It didn't just change who I was, however, it change the atmosphere of my high school. My class was an extremely close one. We were all friends and we all respected and valued each other. I whole-heartedly believe that this program played an intense and large factor into that. I am extremely sad that it is not being utilized. I think right now, at this point in time, our youth need a program like this more than ever.Alex Hull, Phoenix High School, Phoenix, OR

[The Edge] came to our school today. I thought it was going to be some lame presentation, but it turned out to be an intense, interactive program where we were challenged to step forward. Some of the bullies actually told the truth and stepped forward—one of them apologized tearfully. Another said he'd been bullied and that he didn't realize that his teasing was harmful. It was intense but healing.Dawn, 16 years old

I lost a friend to suicide last year. When The Edge presenter asked people who had known someone who'd committed suicide to step forward, I was not alone. To know that I am not alone with this, and that other people share my experience, was important for me. The world is much harder than it was when my parents were kids. I don't think people realize how isolated we [young people] really are. It was good to see how much we all share and have in common. It was good to see other people understand me.Jeff, 14 years old

My seventh grade year, I attended The Edge activity and was surprised at the effect it had on our school and on me. Now, as a sophomore, I was surprised that it [The Edge] still had such an emotional effect when I knew exactly what we were going to do. Thank you for coming to our school again and sharing something this unique and wonderful with us.H., 10th grade

I never expected five people to say ‘sorry’ to me, but [during The Edge] they did; and honestly, I feel much better now, and am going to try to be friends with those people.E.P., Wilson Elementary, Medford, OR

I experienced that I'm not the only one with problems! Some people have been through just what I've been through! Some have been through worse. I thought that I wouldn't cry, but I did.J.B., Wilson Elementary, Medford, OR

Participation in The Edge program allowed me to connect deeply and personally with students I have never had the chance to know. By the end of the day, it was clear to me that open communication is a vital ingredient in creating healthy, meaningful relationships between people, as well as within an entire student body.Lucia, age 17

For me, The Edge was an amazing, eye opening experience. It really taught me that you can’t judge someone just by looking at them. This activity helped me open up to people I would never have talked to. So, thanks to The Edge, I have learned to forgive, and to just be a good person to other people and also to myself!Sarah, 11th grade

The Edge really helped me a lot, knowing that I’m not alone in the world. It made me think about how we treat each other and how settled we all were after The Edge. It [The Edge] helped a lot of people in their personal life.Kristen, age 15

The Edge taught me about my personality and what goes on in my life and the lives of others in my school. They asked me questions that I didn't want to think about, but I answered them anyway and I’m really glad that I did!Tim, age 14

The Edge helped me with my friends and family problems. It helps you to let your anger out in a good way. It also helped my self confidence with everyone. I will always remember The Edge because it changed my life!Laura, age 13

The Edge helped me get my best friend back, and also helped me stop cutting myself. When you do The Edge you see that you're not the only one out there that may not have a perfect life.Kristy, age 13

The Edge was a very important thing in my life. It put me on the right path. It showed me that I don't need to hurt myself to get attention and that the whole world doesn't revolve around me. During The Edge I realized that a lot of people have problems, and instead of adding to them we should be helping others in every way we can.Shelby, age 14

After The Edge, I was tired. It was a good tired, though. It was the tired you feel after a day of hard work. The tired you get after having accomplished something. It was a relieving tired. In the first half of the day, I felt alone and nervous, but after The Edge, I feel our freshman class is closer. Now, I see them all as my friends, which is something I would never have said before.Yreka High School Freshman

The Edge was a very eye opening, emotionally exhausting, and intense experience. It is impossible to realize what tragedies people go through, until you see the numbers before your eyes. The Edge made peoples’ pain turn to strength, unity, and perseverance as they saw how others have made it through the same things. They know now that they can make it too!Yreka High School Freshman

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