Volunteer Opportunities

What is The Edge Looking For in Volunteers?

We need compassionate adults who care deeply about our youth. We need you.

You should have good listening skills, the ability to put yourself aside to hear another, and be able to empathize with another's experience and emotions. You will provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment that allows our youth to express themselves in an appropriate and safe way and be celebrated for their honesty and courage in doing so.

What is Your Role as an Edge Volunteer?

Our volunteers are witnesses to processes we utilize that validate the students' life experiences, and prove to these young people that there are adults who care enough to show up just for them in their own school.

The Edge needs you, your friends, and your family to volunteer for our in-school workshops on a regular basis. In doing so, you will receive advanced training in group processes specifically geared to our workshops. You will also receive a profound joy and satisfaction in helping our schools, our community, and our children that cannot be fully described in just words alone.

Please read “How We Do It” for an in-depth review of the major components of a typical Edge school workshop.

If you are still reading this page, then we are confident that The Edge program is something that strikes a chord with you. So reach out to us now and learn how you too can be a real-life hero to our kids, just by showing up for them.

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Serving Southern Oregon and Northern California, including Ashland OR, Central Point OR, Grants Pass OR, Klamath Falls OR, Medford OR, Yreka CA, Douglas county, Jackson county, Josephine county, Klamath county, Siskiyou county, and beyond.
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