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Cost:The cost of each Edge workshop, including preparation, staffing, facilitation, and follow up is $2,000. The Edge is a 501(c)3 charitable organization with sufficient funding to subsidize this cost. Because of matching grants from the founder and generous support from the community, schools that host The Edge workshop pay nothing.

Mission: Empowering students to support each other in a safe school environment through re­spect, em­pa­thy and dig­ni­ty.

Vision: Imagining a world where our youth co­exist peace­ful­ly by ack­now­ledg­ing and cele­bra­ting each other’s values and gifts.
The Edge offers student-faculty workshops to middle and high schools free of charge. Our workshops counter, head-on, a myriad of social issues: prejudice, peer pressure, drug abuse, bullying, body image and other self-esteem issues, learning disorders, gangs, name-calling, homelessness, hunger, cutting (self-mutilation), suicide, and many more. We accomplish this by emphasizing respect for self and others, promoting tolerance of unfamiliar cultures and ideas, and cultivation of a heightened sense of empathy and understanding.

Our organization addresses serious problems among children in our schools that also ripple out to affect our larger communities. By modeling and then advancing extraordinary honesty and shared vulnerability among school participants at an Edge workshop, facilitators utilize Edge protocols to reduce alienation and bullying, build school culture, and foster empathy, emotional literacy, and mature personal and social relationships.

See The Edge in Action
The Edge, as a private foundation, is in a transition period. At this time, it is not a certified 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We are still available to go to any school. Please contact us to discuss our status. Keep in mind that we are staffed by experienced volunteer mentors. Our program was developed for middle and high school students in Southern Oregon and Northern California to promote non-violent peer interaction, acceptance of others, and cooperation within school communities.

Students learn to accept their own uniqueness, and to express their individuality in an appropriate and safe manner, while accepting the many differences that typify our human race. It is our experience that, in most cases, the overall school culture is significantly impacted in a wide variety of positive ways by the end of the workshop: fewer fights, decreased disciplinary actions, and increased academic achievement.

We Help Schools Overcome...

Help kids in our community help themselves by getting involved today! Tell your school's administrators and counselor about us, make a donation, join our mailing list, and/or serve as a volunteer. Thank you for caring!
Need someone to talk to? Via SMS: Teens Helping Teens 839863 (5:30 - 9:30 pm) or 741741. Locally: 541/779-HELP. Suicide Hotline: 800/SUICIDE (24/7). Runaway Hotline: 800/RUNAWAY (24/7). Teens Helping Teens: 310/855-4673 (6 - 10 pm). Child Abuse Hotline: 800/422-4453.
Serving Southern Oregon and Northern California, including Ashland OR, Central Point OR, Grants Pass OR, Klamath Falls OR, Medford OR, Yreka CA, Douglas county, Jackson county, Josephine county, Klamath county, Siskiyou county, and beyond.
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